Selling your house quickly uk

Supply, may outstrip demand, in today’s property market , however change is around the corner, they promise us, and house sales could be on the increase. One way a house can be sold quicker, is by lowering the price. If you are serious about selling your home in today’s property market, there are other ways to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers.

The following tips, may help to generate more interest in your property for sale, ending with the goal of a sale, with the best price achievable, paid by the new buyer.

Be different from your neighbours

Your home needs to stand out and be more memorable than the house next door. In order to attract interest from prospective buyers, you should consider certain additions, and custom designs, such as a new roof, better landscaping or high-grade windows. This would greatly improve the aesthetic value of your property, as well as adding more value to your home. All improvements, should be of a practical nature, with careful use of colours and designs, which will appeal to the majority of people. The improvements, should compliment the rest of the house, and fit in, rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

Don’t go wild, changing things, that are ok, don’t over-improve. An article published in 2010 in Property Investor magazine, suggested that, renovations such as putting shingles on a roof, or adding a bathroom, might not always add value to a property, or contribute to a higher price. Do some research about home improvements, before you start, and be sure the money spent on improvements, can be recouped, when selling. Certain data, suggests, that a new bathroom remodel may only increase the price of the sale by 50 percent. Whereas, a new roof is even less. If custom features, have been added to a property, make sure they are included on a home’s listing information sheet, which can be given to interested parties. Every extra, should be brought to the attention of the prospective buyer, which may give you an an added chance of selling.


It is critical, and one of the most important things to do, if you are serious about selling your property. Your home becomes a showcase, to prospective buyers. They need to visualise themselves, living in your property.They can’t do that, if they are tripping over toys, and all the rooms are overspilling with personal items, untidy piles of magazines for instance, and unnecessary clutter. Even, family photographs, should be removed. Although, they are your treasured items, they of no interest to a prospective buyer.If the room is cluttered with big items of furniture, removal or putting it into storage is a good idea. This will create more space, and easier access, to show off the room’s potential. Hiring a professional stager, for a consultation, is worthwhile. They may advise   hiring more modern furniture which will offset your decor. They know how to market your property, to catch the eye of a prospective buyer at a viewing. It has been said, that they have a great influence in making a property saleable.

Clinching a deal

To make more of an attractive deal, offering certain things or terms, might clinch the sale for you. Making buyers, think they are getting a bargain, has resounding results. Sellers, that offer money towards closing costs, or offer to pay off all the closing costs, may receive more attention, from prospective buyers, as an added gesture. As opposed to homes that they have viewed which have been similar to yours without these offers. a home warranty, that is transferable maybe another example of a sweetener. This will cover appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, even more, depending on the policy. This could make the sale of your home more attractive, than the house for sale down the road.

Some buyers, are happier, if there is a promise of a close on a sale, in a short period of time. Time is of the essence and it is important to close on the home deal within up to 60 days maximum. This may help to get you a contract. Local estate agents should be able to advice you further on this, like this company based in Glasgow, Scotland who help you sell houses quickly.

Kerb appeal

This a term often adhered to by professionals, estate agents and the like. It is often overlooked by the seller. The exterior of the property, is as important to the sale, as the interior and the décor. The first thing that a buyer sees, when pulling up at the kerbside, is the garden, front entrance, front door, before even entering over the threshold. make sure, the garden is well maintained, lawns are cut, bushes are trimmed, and all the garden rubbish is removed. In the property market, first impressions, and appearances are highlighted.A first glance at the property from the outside, should make you want to see more, if the seller has done his or her homework.

Moving in appeal

Your home must be aesthetically pleasing, to the prospective buyer. The home must be prepared to such a high standard, that it can be moved into straight away. Check all appliances are in working order, and plumbing and electrical fixtures have current building codes. Potential buyers, must be confident about all aspects of the property, and feel it is readily available to move into straight away, and not have to spend extra time and money to make it habitable.

The Right Price

No matter, how much time and effort you spend on renovating, and staging you home for sale, it is essential to put the property on the market for an appropriate amount. Consult with an estate agent, who will give you an estimate. Or go on-line to see, what the asking price is for homes comparable to yours, in your area.

The price, must be determined, not too high, but it is not imperative to be the lowest price in your street either. If you have made significant changes, upgrades, this might alter the asking price considerably. Check with an estate agent, ask family and friends, for their advice as well. Think what you would pay for it, if you were in the buyer’s shoes.

If you sell a property, when the market is down, you have to do a little extra work to obtain a sale. Make sure, your home is the best it can be, within your resources and budget. With an attractive price and our tips, you will increase your potential and sell your home undoubtedly.